Auction 92 Part 1 Rare and Important Items

Letter from "the Frankfurter", Rebbe Yisrael Perlow of Karlin – Passover Wishes, Blessings for a Complete Recovery and for Satisfaction from Offspring

Opening: $1,000
Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000
Sold for: $2,000
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Letter from Rebbe Yisrael Perlow, the Yenuka of Karlin-Stolin. [Stolin?, ca. 1900s-1910s].
Written by a scribe, with the signature of the rebbe – "Yisrael son of R. Asher". Letter addressed to a relative, R. Asher Levi – confirming the receipt of a kvittel and Pidyon, with blessings for a complete recovery, satisfaction from his children and Passover wishes.
"May G-d heal him speedily and completely from all his ills, and may he merit to see much satisfaction from his offspring, and G-d should fulfill all his heart's desires for the good… may he celebrate the festival of Matzot in kashrut and rejoicing, with a plentiful cup of salvations… His relative who seeks his wellbeing, and blesses him with a kosher, joyous festival, Yisrael son of R. Asher".
Rebbe Yisrael Perlow of Karlin-Stolin, known as "the Yenuka" (1868-1921), was orphaned from his father R. Asher of Stolin in his childhood, and was appointed rebbe at the young age of four and a half (!). He was the son-in-law of R. David Twersky of Zlatopoli. He passed away at the age of 53, and was buried in Frankfurt, and has since been known amongst Karlin Chassidim as "the Frankfurter". He left behind six sons – Rebbe Moshe of Stolin, Rebbe Avraham Elimelech of Karlin, Rebbe Yochanan of Lutsk, Rebbe Yaakov of Detroit, R. Aharon of Warsaw and R. Asher of Stolin – and four daughters. All of his descendants perished in the Holocaust, except for his sons Rebbe Yaakov Chaim Perlow, who passed away in the United States in 1946 and was buried in Detroit, and Rebbe Yochanan Perlow of Lutsk and the United States (1900-1955) – grandfather of the current rebbe of Karlin-Stolin and of his brother, the rebbe of Lutsk.

[1] leaf. 21 cm. Good condition. Stains and folding marks.

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