Auction 71 - The Collection of Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber

A Leaf from an Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum – Psalms, with a Miniature Depicting King David Praying – 15th Century

Opening: $400
Sold for: $1,500
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An illuminated leaf – a chapter of Psalms from a Book of Hours manuscript, with a miniature depicting King David praying ("O Lord, rebuke me not in thy anger, nor chasten me in thy hot displeasure"). [France, second half of the 15th century?]. Latin.
Ink and Tempera on vellum; gold leaf.
A leaf from a Latin Book of Hours manuscript. On one side, alongside the verse "O Lord, rebuke me not in thy anger, nor chasten me in thy hot displeasure" (Psalms 6, 2) appears an impressive miniature of King David praying, his crown and lyre placed before him. The miniature and text are surrounded by a decorative foliate and floral border on gold ground. On verso, the rest of Psalms 6, with initials decorated in blue, red and gold.
The Book of Hours is a Christian devotional book popular in the Middle Ages, which compiled various religious texts, including Psalms. During the 13-15 centuries, many manuscripts of the book were created, decorated and illustrated with colorful miniatures; the most famous among these is The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry) which was created for John, Duke of Berry, in 1410 and is considered one of the most important illuminated manuscripts created in the 15th century.
[1] leaf, 18 cm. Good condition. Minor blemishes. The decorations alongside the illustration of King David (on the right side of the leaf and on its bottom) are faded. The leaf is matted (with two pieces of tape to edges) and framed.
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