Large Collection of Glass Lantern Slides – Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine – Over 100 American Colony Slides

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Some 280 glass lantern slides with photographs of Palestine and its environs. Various publishers, early 20th century till ca. 1940s.
Large collection of glass slides. Includes photographs of landscapes, inhabitants, and cities, towns, and settlements of the Holy Land. Roughly 110 of the slides were produced by American Colony Photographers, Vester & Co. Five of the slides, by Photo Walter Kristeller, show diagrams and maps illustrating the accomplishments of the Zionist enterprise toward the end of the British Mandate period.
Some of the earlier slides depict sites whose appearance eventually changed beyond recognition, or were entirely destroyed. Among the historical sites appearing on these slides are the old Western Wall plaza, the Allenby Bridge over the Jordan River, the White Mosque of Ramle, Jerusalem's Ottoman-period railway station, Tombs of the Maccabees (prior to the planting of the Ben Shemen Forest), Masada, and more. In addition, there are dozens of slides documenting settlements established by the Zionist enterprise in its early years, including the kibbutzim Degania, Mishmar Ha-Emek, and Kfar Szold; Tower and Stockade settlements; Haifa's Shemen factory; and more. Some of these slides show early Jewish settlers – halutzim and watchmen. A few of the slides present archaeological finds, maps, and plans; several of these are from neighboring lands such as Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq.
Some one hundred slides are housed in a wooden box. The majority of slides bear labels handwritten in Hebrew and in English.

Approx. 8.5X8.5 cm. Condition varies. Overall good condition.. Several slides in fair condition, with cracks or fractures. Some damage to wooden box.

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