Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Large Collection of Books by Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeschutz – Including First Editions

Opening: $300
Sold for: $875
Including buyer's premium

Large collection of nineteen books authored by R. Yehonatan Eybeschutz, including first editions.
• Novellae on Shulchan Aruch Laws of Niddah. Karlsruhe, [1773]. First edition of this part of Kreiti UPleiti.
• Bnei Ahuvah. Prague, 1819. First edition. Three parts in one volume.
• Novellae on Rambam's laws of Yom Tov. Berlin, 1799.
• Binah LeItim. Lviv, 1856. Stamps of R. Mordechai son of R. Yaakov Friedman of Mezeritch (author of Meorer Yeshenim).
• Taryag Mitzvot. [Johannisburg?], [ca. 1858].
• Maamar Yehonatan. Lviv, 1862. First edition.
• Urim VeTumim, Parts I and II. Ostroh, 1834. Two volumes.
• Tiferet Yisrael. Lviv, 1860.
• Kreiti UPleiti, Part I. Lviv, 1897.
• Yaarot Devash, Parts I and II. Warsaw, [1912].
• Tzapichat HaDevash. Munkacs, 1887.
• Chitzei Yehonatan. Piotrków, 1913.
• Keshet Yehonatan. Piotrków, 1913.
• Ahavat Yehonatan. Warsaw, [ca. 1920s].
• Divrei Yehonatan. Tarnów, 1927.
• Tiferet Yehonatan. [Germany, 1948].
• Toldot Gedolei HaDor, Part I – Beit Yehonatan. Máramarossziget, 1908. First edition. No other parts were published.
• Gedulat Yehonatan, Part I. Piotrków, 1930.
In some books, stamps of R. Nata Shlomo Schlüssel author of Neta Shaashu'im (rabbi in Munkacs in the 1930s).

19 books in 20 volumes. Size and condition vary. New bindings. The books were not thoroughly examined, and are being sold as is.

Classical Books and Miscellanea
Classical Books and Miscellanea