Auction 49b Part II - Bibles and Prayer Books, Manuscripts, Graphics and Ceremonial Art

Illustrated Esther Scroll on Parchment – Persia, 19th Century

Opening: $300
Sold for: $3,250
Including buyer's premium
Illustrated Esther Scroll on parchment. [Persia? 19th century]. Ink and paint on parchment. Rolled on a carved “Etz Chayim”. Text is bordered with square frames with verses inscribed in hollow letters. The borders are illustrated with flowers, in color. The verses concern blotting out the name of Amalek, and the festival of Purim (Exodus 17:9-16. Book of Esther 9:16. Shmuel Aleph, 9:1-3. Shmuel Aleph, 10:23-24. Deuteronomy 25:17-19). Height: 13 cm. Max. size: approx. 27 cm. Condition varies. Most of the scroll is in fair condition. Stains, creases and wear. Faded ink. First membrane is detached and damaged, in poor condition.
Esther Scrolls and Haftarot
Esther Scrolls and Haftarot