Illuminated Manuscript on Parchment, with Gold Leaf Illuminated Initial Words – Seder Tikunei Shabbat by the Arizal, including Songs for Shabbat and Shabbat Evening – Pressburg, 1744 – With Original Leather Binding

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Illuminated manuscript on parchment, Seder Tikunei Shabbat by R. Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi (the Arizal). Pressburg, 1744.
Stated in the lower part of the title page: "Written here in Pressburg in 1744".
Pocket format. Ink on parchment. Original leather binding with clasp, with fine floral ornaments.
Illustrated title page depicting an architectural facade consisting of two columns with a cornice, flanked with the images of Moshe and Aharon, and topped with a medallion containing the image of David playing a harp. The initial words within the manuscript are illuminated with miniature floral motifs, several initial words are overlaid with gold leaf, with engraved ornaments to some of them.
This manuscript is inscribed upon 36 parchment leaves. Vocalized square Ashkenazic script, of varying sizes, and semi-cursive (Rashi) script, particularly for the instructions.
The manuscript contains: Laws of reciting the weekly portion, the Psalms of Kabbalat Shabbat, the piyyutim Lecha Dodi and Shalom Aleichem, Order for the first meal, the Seder Tikkun for the day meals (including sections of Shir HaShirim and of Mishnayot Tractate Shabbat), Kiddush and Zemirot, the Seder Tikkun for Shabbat evening, with songs for Shabbat evening.
This Tikkun Shabbat manuscript, with its illustrated title page and ornaments, is characteristic of the Moravian school of art active in the 18th century. The illustrator of this manuscript was presumably familiar with books produced by members of this school: Aaron Wolf Schreiber Herlingen of Gewitsch, Meshulam Simmel of Polna and others.
[36] + 1 empty, parchment leaves (70 written pages). 11.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, mainly to the margins. Gilt edges. Original leather binding, with embossed ornaments and original silver clasp. Slight damage and cracks to binding.
Regarding the artists of the Moravian school, see: Shalom Sabar, Seder Birkat HaMazon, Vienna, 1719/20 – The Earliest Known Illuminated Manuscript by the Scribe-Artist Aaron Wolf Schreiber Herlingen of Gewitsch, in Zechor Davar LeAvdecha: Essays and Studies in Memory of Prof. Dov Rappel, edited by Shmuel Glick and Avraham Grossman, Jerusalem: The Center for Jewish Educational Thought in Memory of Dov Rappel, Lifshitz College, pp. 455-472 and plates 8-17.
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