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Ginzei Yosef – Lviv, 1792 – First Edition

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Ginzei Yosef, essays of ethics, homiletics, Chassidut and Kabbalah on the Torah portions, with novellae on tractates Berachot, Shabbat, Pesachim and Sukkah, by R. Yosef Bloch Rabbi of Alesk (Olesko). Lviv, 1792. First edition.
The author, R. Yosef Bloch (1724-1790), was a close associate of the Maggid of Mezeritch. Rabbi of Alesk and maggid in Satanov (Sataniv). He was renowned in the Chassidic world for his book Ginzei Yosef, one of the first Chassidic books.
Stamps and ownership inscriptions of the Beit Midrash in Dorohoi (Romania).
[4], 98; 24 leaves. 31 cm. Fair condition. Stains and wear. Extensive worming and open tears (large tears in several places), with significant damage to text (including damage to title page border), mostly repaired with paper. Leaves trimmed with damage to text in several places. New binding.

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