Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Forms for Recording Testimonies – Permitting Agunot After the Holocaust – Three Hundred Forms Signed by Dayanim and Witnesses in Hungary

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Forms for recording testimonies – over 300 forms containing testimonies used to release agunot and provide marriage permits after the Holocaust, signed by dayanim. [Various Hungarian cities, mostly Budapest, 1946-1954]. Hebrew, Yiddish and Hungarian.
Over three hundred signed forms – questionnaires printed on both sides, completed by hand and signed by witnesses and dayanim. Presumably printed by the special Beit Din established in Budapest after the Holocaust for releasing agunot and providing marriage permits. Most of the forms are from 1946-1949, thought some are later (until ca. 1954).

The forms contain first-hand testimonies about people murdered in the German concentration and extermination camps, with identifying details of the person and the circumstances of their demise.
Most of the forms bear signatures of rabbis and Beit Din heads in Budapest, from various periods. Some forms are signed by rabbis of various other cities in Hungary, who received testimonies in their locality. See Hebrew description for partial list of signatories.

Over 300 forms, printed and completed by hand on both sides. Size and condition vary (size of most forms: 29.5 cm. Most in very good condition).

Holocaust and She'erit Hapletah