Auction 93 Part 1 - Manuscripts, Prints and Engravings, Objects and Facsimiles, from the Gross Family Collection, and Private Collections

Elegant Memorial Plaque – High–Quality Damascene Craftsmanship – Syria, 1915 – Bokai Family

Opening: $1,000
Sold for: $1,500
Including buyer's premium

Memorial plaque in the form of a convex shield or cartouche. [Syria], Kislev 5676 [November–December, 1915].
Brass, cut and engraved, inlaid with copper and silver (damascene craftsmanship).
Thick brass plaque, with memorial inscription in large, bold silver letters: “Dedicated to the Lord for the transcendence of the soul of the young man who passed away before his time, Ovadiah son of Yom Tov Bokai, may his soul rest in Eden, who passed on to his eternal home on the 15th of Kislev 5676 [November 22, 1915], may his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.”
The entire surface area is intricately adorned with vegetal patterns, some engraved into the brass, and others as silver and copper inlay. The plate’s perimeter is left blank, creating something of a frame, punctured with small holes that enable the object to be sewn onto the “parohet” (curtain) of the synagogue’s Torah ark.

29X24 cm. Good condition.

Provenance: Private collection.