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Decorated Manuscript, Sefer HaPeliah – Pseudepigraph, by the Fabricator Yitzchak son of Shmuel of Persia – 18th/19th Century

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Manuscript, Sefer HaPeliah, attributed to Elkanah father of the prophet Shmuel (fabricated work). [Persia, late 18th century or first half of 19th century].
Colorful, decorated title page. Oriental script, with colored ornaments. The title page states: "Sefer HaPeliah on Parashat Bereshit by Elkanah…". The contents of the manuscript are not found in the known Sefer HaPeliah, though the writer uses expressions typical of this work. The writer incorporates various other topics throughout, some bizarre, such as Birkat HaChamah, segulot of the snake, various segulot, dream questions, kabbalistic piyyutim, and more.
R. Moshe Hillel studied the manuscript carefully, and came to the conclusion that it belongs to a group of pseudepigraphs fabricated by Yitzchak [=Or] son of Shmuel of Persia, who attributed this work to an early author, while adding his own content (his name appears explicitly on p. 41). Yitzchak son of Shmuel was predominantly active in the late 18th and early 19th century. R. Moshe Hillel's conclusions are recorded in his work: Sifro shel Badai: Yitzchak ben Shmuel MiParas VeChiburav HaBeduyim, Jerusalem 2017 (the present manuscript is described on pp. 51–60).
The work includes many passages original to the writer, including tales which are not known from any other source, and were obviously fabricated by the writer.

[234] pages. 16 cm. Good condition. Stains, including dampstains. Wear. Worming, affecting text. Marginal tears to several leaves. Inscriptions. Detached gatherings. Old leather binding, detached and damaged.

Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, PS.011.005.

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