Auction 93 Part 1 - Manuscripts, Prints and Engravings, Objects and Facsimiles, from the Gross Family Collection, and Private Collections

Decorated Ketubah – Salé, Morocco, 1895

Opening: $800

Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom Avraham son of Yosef son of Elisha son of Yosef son of Yekutiel son of Mordechai Berdugo, to the bride Simcha daughter of Yosef son of Yissachar son of Yosef Adahan. Salé (Morocco), 10th Kislev 1895.
The ketubah is written on a form printed in bold hues of green and gold, decorated with an architectonic design featuring a large arch. Priestly hands are depicted on both sides of the arch, with typical Moroccan and North African ornaments. A kiddush goblet and jug of wine are depicted in the lower border.
The Tena'im are incorporated in the body of the ketubah, and include the groom's commitments to the bride: not to marry another wife without her consent, not to relocate to another city apart from Rabat without her consent, etc. The Tena'im follow the rite established in Fez by the Spanish exiles.
At the foot of the Tena'im, witnesses' signatures: Eliyahu Benmoyal, David Sabbah.
The groom belonged to the Berdugo family, which was known as a prominent dynasty of rabbis, dayanim and halachic authorities, active in Meknes and other Moroccan cities since the 17th century.

62.5X48 cm. Fair–good condition. Creases and folding marks. Minor tears to center of ketubah, professionally restored. Lower part cut, with several open tears, repaired in part with paper on verso. Some stains. Large piece of paper (48X22.5 cm) pasted on verso to lower third.

Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, 035.011.109.