Auction 63 - Rare and Important Items

Decorated and Colorful "Nesi Eretz Israel" Certificate for Rebbe Yisrael of Chortkiv – Jerusalem, 1905

Opening: $5,000
Estimate: $6,000 - $8,000
Sold for: $7,500
Including buyer's premium
Large decorated and colorful certificate – "Crown of holy leader and administrator in the Holy Land…", R. Yisrael Friedman of Chortkiv, from the Tiferet Yisrael Yeshiva in Jerusalem. [Shevat 1905].
Charming square calligraphic writing in various colors, with verses and titles in rounded writing, adorned with "crowns", with an ornate border.
This certificate confers the title of "Nesi Eretz Israel" on Rabbi Yisrael of Chortkiv, who one year previously was appointed rebbe succeeding his father R. David Moshe (who died on Sukkot 1904), a prominent Rebbe of the Ruzhyn "royal" Chassidism.
R. Yisrael Friedman, the Chortkov Rebbe (1854-Kislev 1933), son of R. David Moshe of Chortkiv and son-in-law of R. Avraham Ya'akov of Sadigura, both sons of R. Yisrael of Ruzhyn. Prominent Torah scholar and Chassidic leader. One of the founders of Agudat Yisrael and chairman of Mo'etzet Gedolei HaTorah.
Chortkov Chassidism was one of the largest Chassidic groups in Jerusalem and most of the gaba'im of the Tiferet Yisrael synagogue (the central synagogue of the Jerusalem Chassidic population) belonged to the Chortkov and Ruzhyn Chassidic courts. This certificate by the "Tiferet Yisrael Yeshiva Talmud Torah in the Beit Midrash of Beit David Ohel Moshe" appoints the rebbe administrator of the gaba'im "In all places in our circles… to appoint gaba'im to collect… R. Meir Ba'al HaNess… in all places in Russian and Volhynia…".
Large leaf, 56X82 cm. High-quality paper. Good condition. stains and folding marks. Wear and small tears to margins and creases.
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Chassidic Luminaries – Manuscripts, Letters and Signatures