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Darchei Tzedek – Chassidic Practices – Four Editions and Title Page of First Edition

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Four editions of Darchei Tzedek, Chassidic practices, by R. Zecharya Mendel of Yaroslav (Jarosław), disciple of R. Elimelech of Lizhensk:
• Title page of Darchei Tzedek. Lviv: Yehudis wife of R. Tzvi Hirsh [Rosanes], 1796. First edition.
• Darchei Tzedek. [Russia-Poland: printer not indicated, ca. 1830]. Copy lacking several leaves. Lacking title page (replaced with photocopy of title page from another edition published the same year, with false imprint for first edition).
• Darchei Tzedek. Warsaw: Avigdor son of Yoel [Lebenssohn], 1844.
•Darchei Tzedek. Lviv: Feige Grohssmann, 1850.
•Darchei Tzedek. Piotrków: Binyamin Liebeskind, [1927?].

4 books + 1 title page. Size and condition vary. New bindings.

The author, R. Zecharya Mendel of Yaroslav (died between 1788-1796), prominent disciple of R. Elimelech of Lizhensk. Nephew of the brothers R. Pinchas Horowitz and R. Shmelke of Nikolsburg. After a while, he left his position as rabbi of Yaroslav to concentrate on disseminating Chassidut.

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