Collection of Tree-Planting Certificates and Receipts, and Additional Printed Items Published by the JNF

Opening: $100

Some 50 certificates, receipts, and cards pertaining to donations toward tree planting in Jewish National Fund (JNF) forests, and additional printed items published by the JNF. Palestine (and Israel), New York, and other places [approx. 1940s to approx. 1990s].

The collection includes certificates, cards, and receipts (some filled-in by hand and others left blank) for donations toward planting trees in JNF forests: the Herzl Forest, the Children's Forest, Mother's Forest, Martyr's Forest, the Forest of Mizrachi Women of America, the "Victory Forest in Jerusalem Restored, " (Ayalon) Canada Park, Jerusalem Park of the Heroes, the International Women's Forest, and more. Also, a booklet containing a sign-up register (left blank) for the JNF's Golden Book, "Shana Tova" greeting cards for the Jewish New Year, Mother's Day greeting cards, and additional printed items or items of ephemera published by the JNF. Size and condition varies. Overall good condition.
Provenance: The Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Settlement in Palestine, Mandatory Palestine and the State of Israel