Auction 88 - Part I - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters, Ceremonial Art

Collection of Letters Regarding the Management of the Etz Chaim Yeshiva and Protocols Signed by Rabbi Elazar Menachem Shach

Opening: $500
Sold for: $750
Including buyer's premium

Large collection of documents, protocols, letters and copies of letters pertaining to the Etz Chaim yeshiva in Jerusalem, ca. 1950s and 1960s.
The collection includes:
• Minutes of yeshiva faculty meetings. Some leaves (approx. 8 leaves) are signed by the faculty members: R. Elazar Menachem Shach (dean of the Ponovezh yeshiva), R. Avraham Yaakov Zalaznik, R. Nissan Aharon Tucazinsky, R. Chaim Yeshaya Acker and R. Chaim Berlin.
• Letter signed by 42 students of the Etz Chaim yeshiva, many of whom were later renowned as outstanding Torah scholars, halachic authorities and kabbalists.
• Letters signed by various rabbis: R. Tzvi Pesach Frank, R. Yechiel Michel Tucazinsky, R. Yosef Gershon Horowitz, R. Eliyahu Romm, R. Shlomo Zalman Zalaznik, and more.
Approx. 40 items. Size and condition vary.

PLEASE NOTE: Item descriptions were shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.

Jerusalem Safed and Hebron – Letters, Manuscripts and Documents
Jerusalem Safed and Hebron – Letters, Manuscripts and Documents