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Collection of Leaves from Tractate Berachot – Salonika, 1705 – Published by the Talmud Torah Society of Salonika – "Bindings Genizah"

Opening: $300

Collection of leaves removed from a "bindings genizah" – leaves from Tractate Berachot. [Salonika, 1705].
Special edition for students, published by the Talmud Torah society in Salonika. The page layout is different from the regular layout which was introduced in the Venice edition of the Talmud.
11 leaves (mostly inconsecutive; text from folios 2-3, 11-13, 18-23 of the regular editions, including the first page of the tractate).
11 leaves. Approx. 30 cm (almost the original size). Various degrees of damage due to use in binding. Dark stains, open tears, worming and damage, affecting text, to all leaves.

PLEASE NOTE: Item descriptions were shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.

Talmud and Rif, Mishnayot and Pirkei Avot
Talmud and Rif, Mishnayot and Pirkei Avot