Auction 64- Jewish and Israeli History and Culture

Collection of Items – Betar Movement in China – 1930s-40s – Certificate and Medals to Winners in Running Competitions

Opening: $600
Certificate, photograph and two medals issued by Betar Movement chapters in China. Tianjin and Harbin, 1931-1943.
1. Group photograph of Betar Movement youth in Tianjin, 1931. The youth are wearing the movement's uniform, and some are wearing ribbons, ranks and pins. On the upper part of the photograph appears a black sign inscribed (Russian) "Tianjin chapter of World 'Brit Trumpeldor', 24.5.1931". 20.5X15 cm.
2. Medal issued by Betar movement in China, to the winner in a running competition in 1934. Obverse: symbol of Betar movement – Menorah and the name of the movement in Hebrew and in Latin characters; surrounded by the names of the cities Tianjin, Shanghai and Harbin (in Latin characters). Reverse: name of the competition. Approx. 3X3 cm.
3. Certificate issued by Betar youth movement in Harbin, granted for winning second place in a running competition. Harbin, China, 6.6.1943. Russian (with the legend "Brit HaNo'ar HaIvri al shem Yosef Trumpeldor" in Hebrew). Ink-stamped with Betar Harbin stamp, and signed by Betar sports committee members. Leaf, 28 cm.
4. Medal awarded to a winner in the above competition. Obverse: symbol of Betar movement, the legend "Betar" in Hebrew and Russian, Reverse: the name of the winner, the branch and date of competition. Approx. 2.5X3 cm. Stains.
Enclosed: A pin designed as a monogram of the letters 'ס and 'ש. The pin and the photograph are from the same source and it seems that it was issued by Betar in Tianjin.
Condition varies. Overall good condition.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.
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