Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Collection of Books – Zhovkva, 18th and Early 19th Centuries

Opening: $400
Sold for: $1,875
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13 books printed in Zhovkva in the 18th and early 19th centuries:
• Chemdat Yamim, Part II. Zhovkva, [1755]. Stamp on title page of R. Efraim Yosef Dov Ashkenazi (1914-2002), attendant of Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar for sixty years.
• Agudat Ezov by R. Yaakov Yisrael HaLevi, maggid in Kremnitz. Zhovkva, [1782].
• Responsa of the Rashba (attributed to the Ramban). Zhovkva, 1798.
• Olam HaGadol, by R. Eliezer Fishel of Strizov. Zhovkva, [1800].
• Shoshanat HaAmakim, by R. Moshe Alshech. Zhovkva, 1802.
• Gedolim Maasei Hashem by R. Eliezer Ashkenazi. Zhovkva, [1802].
• Sefer Yere'im by R. Eliezer of Metz, a tosafist. Zhovkva, [1804].
• Chefetz Hashem. Zhovkva, [1805]. Second edition.
• Commentary on the Torah portions by R. Moshe son of R. Nachman Gerondi. Zhovkva, 1805.
• Roke'ach HaGadol, by R. Elazar of Worms. Zhovkva, 1806.
• Torah commentary by R. Yaakov son of the Rosh. Zhovkva, 1806.
• Nahar Pishon by R. Yitzchak Aboab (the second). Zhovkva, 1806.
• Sefer HaTerumah, by R. Baruch son of R. Yitzchak of France. Zhovkva, 1811.
Signatures and ownership inscriptions in some books, see Hebrew description for more details.

13 books. Size and condition vary. New bindings. The books were not thoroughly examined, and are being sold as is.

Books Printed in Russian and Poland
Books Printed in Russian and Poland