Auction 92 Part 1 Rare and Important Items

Chiddushei HaRashba on Tractate Chullin – Venice, 1523 – Printed by Daniel Bomberg – First Edition – Signature of Rabbi Shemaya Baruch, Brother of the Shiltei HaGiborim

Opening: $2,500
Estimate: $3,000 - $4,000
Sold for: $3,750
Including buyer's premium

Novellae on Tractate Chullin by the Rashba (R. Shlomo ibn Aderet). Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1523. First edition.
Printed concurrently to three other books: Chiddushei Gittin and Chiddushei Berachot by the Rashba, and Chiddushei Bava Batra by the Ramban.
Ownership inscription on the title page, in Italian script: "This book is mine, Shemaya Baruch…". Another inscription above it: "…I, Meir Baruch". The first signatory is presumably R. Shemaya Baruch, brother of R. Yehoshua Boaz author of Shiltei HaGiborim. R. Shemaya Baruch was a prominent banker in Cherasco (Piedmont region). The second signatory is presumably his son Meir, who is mentioned in his testament (see: R. Avraham Yosef Chavatzelet, The Book Shiltei HaGiborim – Who Authored It? Moriah, year 18, issue 7-8, Tammuz 1992, p. 99; Boksenboim, Letters of Jewish Teachers [Hebrew], p. 346).
Signature in Sephardic script: "Purchased from R. David Guez, I, Refael Burgel" [R. David Guez was a Torah scholar in Tunis in the late 18th century]; "Eliezer Valobra" (signature deleted and damaged).

133, [1] leaves. 26 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, including minor dampstains. Worming, affecting text (some leaves with extensive worming to inner margins), repaired in part with paper. New leather binding.

Habermann, The Printer Daniel Bomberg, no. 79.

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