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Bnei Yissaschar (Dinov) – Part I – Zhovkva, 1850 – First Edition – Stamps of R. Naftali Teitelbaum Rabbi of Nyírbátor

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Bnei Yissaschar, Chassidic and Kabbalistic essays on the festivals and months of the year, Part I – Shabbat and Nissan-Elul, by Rebbe Tzvi Elimelech Shapiro Rabbi of Dinov. Zhovkva, 1850. First edition.
Part I only, on the months of Nissan-Elul, with Maamarei HaShabbatot. Part II is not included in this copy (appears to have been printed separately).
Rebbe Tzvi Elimelech Langsam-Shapiro (1783-1841), a most prominent Chassidic leader, close disciple of R. Mendele of Rimanov and of other great Chassidic leaders.
Many stamps of R. Naftali Teitelbaum Rabbi of Nyírbátor (1867-1938, leading Hungarian rabbi and head of the Orthodox Bureau in Budapest. Grandson of the Yitav Lev).
[1], 24; 16, 18-21, 23-72 leaves. Lacking 2 leaves (17, 22) of second sequence. Without part II on Tishrei-Nissan. 24.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Stains and wear. Significant worming, with extensive damage to text, repaired with paper. Open tears, affecting text, repaired with paper (handwritten text replacement on one leaf). Large open tear to title page, affecting border, text and imprint, repaired with paper (and photocopy replacement). Inscriptions. New binding.

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