Birkat HaChamah – Large and Diverse Collection – 1813-1981

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Large collection of some 270 books, booklets, proclamations and other items related to Birkat HaChamah and the Hebrew calendar. Various places, 1813-1981; most items from the 20th century.
Diverse collection, including: • Birkat HaChamah. [Reggio: Chananya Elchanan Chai Kohen], 1813. • Birkat HaChamah. Warsaw: F. Baumritter, 1897. • Birkat HaChamah, with Marathi translation. Bombay, [1953]. • And more.
The collection also includes proclamations and other paper items: • Invitations and notices about Birkat HaChamah events, issued by the Edah HaCharedit in Jerusalem and other organizations. • Newspapers reporting on the event, 1981. • And more.
Approx. 270 items. Size and condition vary.

PLEASE NOTE: Item description was shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.
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