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Birkat David (Buchach) – Lviv, 1845 – First Edition

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Birkat David, Chassidic explanations on the Five Books of the Torah, by Rebbe Avraham David Wahrman of Buchach. Lviv, [1845]. First edition
False imprint: 5565 (=1805) and 1800, Jihdas Rosanis. The actual year of printing – 1845, is hinted to in the closing note of the publisher, at the end of the book. This type of forgery was common in Chassidic books printed in Galicia at that time, due to censorship prohibitions and the persecution of Chassidim by the Haskalah movement.
Rebbe Avraham David Wahrman, the "Gaon of Buchach" (1770-1840), a leading Torah scholar and Chassidic figure, and prominent posek in his times. Served as rabbi of Yazlovets, and later of Buchach. He authored many compositions; his halachic works became classics cited thousands of times in halachic literature.
Ownership inscription on verso of last leaf: "Belongs to the wealthy… R. Yosef Feuerstein of Chortkov".
[2], 182 leaves. 22 cm. Printed on thick, high-quality, (mostly) bluish paper. Good condition. Some stains. Minor worming in a few places. New leather binding.
Stefansky Chassidut, no. 100.

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