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The Binding of Isaac – Lithograph by Moshe Shah Mizrachi – First Decades of the 20th Century

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The Binding of Isaac, large color lithograph by Moshe son of Yitzchak Shah Mizrachi (before 1870 – 1940). [Jerusalem? first decades of 20th century].
This lithograph, more detailed than Mizrachi's known Binding of Isaac works, is divided into four horizontal panels. The uppermost panel contains three pictures, each set in a stylized arch: Mount of Olives, a general view of Jerusalem, and between them Abraham, Isaac and Sarah, with a quotation from a piyyut relating the discussion between Abraham and Sarah before the binding. The second panel depicts Abraham brandishing the knife, Isaac bound on the altar, the angel and the ram caught in the bush. The third panel depicts Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Eliezer and the donkey. A fourth panel, which does not usually appear in Mizrachi's depictions of the binding of Isaac, portrays Rebecca giving a drink to Eliezer, who is accompanied by a caravan of camels.
Shalom Sabar, in his essay The Binding of Isaac in the Work of Moshe Shah Mizrahi, attributes this unsigned work to Moshe Shah Mizrachi.
56X43 cm. Fair-good condition. Edges folded. Long tears down plaque, repaired with sellotape. Minor closed and open tears to edges. Stains. Folding marks.
Reference: Shalom Sabar, The Binding of Isaac in the Work of Moshe Shah Mizrahi: A Persian-Jewish Folk Artist in Early 20th Century Jerusalem. In: Aviad HaCohen, Hana Amit and Chaim Be'er (editors), Minchah L'Menachem, Raanana: HaKibbutz HaMe'uchad, 2007. Pp. 465-487.

PLEASE NOTE: Item description was shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.
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