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Bilingual Edition of "Chacham Lev", in Hebrew and Latin – The 613 Commandments According to Maimonides – Stockholm, 1711

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DCXIII Legum Hebræorum, Pars Prima, ductu Rabbi Jehudæ Lebh Schvertsensis [The 613 Commandments of the Jews, Part I, by Rabbi Yehuda Leib of Schwersenz]. Stockholm: Keyserianis, 1711. Latin and Hebrew.
Bilingual edition, translation facing the original, of the book "Chacham Lev" (Furth, 1693) by R. Yehuda Leib son of R. Hillel, listing the 613 commandments according to Maimonides. Translated by the Swedish orientalist Carl Schultén (1677-1730), rector of the Lund University.
[8] leaves, 184 pages, [10] leaves. 20 cm. Good condition. Minor damage. Inscriptions on endpapers and title page. Fine leather binding, slightly damaged. Gilt edges.
Not in NLI.
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