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Bikurei Shlomo – Dedication and Glosses by the Writer, The Ga'on of Ozorkow

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Bikurei Shlomo book of responsum, by Rabbi Shlomo Avraham Razachta of Ozorkow. Part I (4 parts, with "Pri Etz Hadar" on grafted etrogim and etrogim from Eretz Yisrael). Pietrekov, 1894.
Dedication handwritten by the writer on title page: "…my book Bikurei Shlomo, to… Rabbi Shalom Gutman… Av Beit Din of Yassi… from the author", with author's stamp.
Handwritten comments on leaves, 54, 67, 91 and more, from the author.
Rabbi Shalomo Avraham Razachta – the Gaon of Ozorkow (1843-1928, Otzar Ha-Rabbanim 18677), Ga'on and Chassid, a foremost responser in his generation, corresponded with the geniuses of his time. Responses and correspondences with famous rabbis appear in this book: Rabbi Zecharya Stern, Rabbi Yitzchak Shmelkish, the Aderet, Rabbi Mordechai Gimpel Yaffe, the "Sdei Chemed" and more.
10, 5-164 leaves. 34cm. Dry paper, fair-poor condition, tears, moth-holes, separate leaves, no binding.