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Beit Yosef Chadash (Including Some of the Rare Leaves) – Rabbi Akiva Yosef Schlesinger – Jerusalem, 1875-1881

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Beit Yosef Chadash, Torah novellae on halachah and Aggadah, ethics and public matters, by R. Akiva Yosef Schlesinger, author of Lev HaIvri. Jerusalem, [1875-1881].
The book was printed between 1875 and 1881 in two printing houses. The printing began in the printing house of R. Yoel Moshe Solomon, who refused to continue printing it once he realized the polemic content of the book. The printing was resumed in the HaIvri printing house (owned by R. Yitzchak Gościnny). Parts of the book were distributed before the printing was finished, which resulted in many variations between the few surviving copies of the book.
The present copy comprises two title pages, and a leaf with a letter from the author, which do not appear in all copies. Includes final leaves 119-124, with Bedek HaBayit – omissions and additions printed in 1881. Lacking some index leaves and other leaves. Some leaves with approbations and the Kol BeRama essay were replaced in photocopy.
The author, R. Akiva Yosef Schlesinger (1835-1922), author of Lev HaIvri, disciple of leading Hungarian rabbis. He was one of the most prominent zealots who fought the Reform and Haskalah movements, and continued this struggle after immigrating to Jerusalem in 1870. He was active in support of the Jewish settlements throughout Eretz Israel, and came into conflict with leaders of the Old Yishuv over his opposition to the methods of the Chaluka (distribution of funds), and over other affairs. His opposition is voiced in the present book, which aroused a fierce dispute, with polemic booklets being published on both sides.
[3], 2-124 leaves. Lacking leaves [4-18] with approbations, indexes and announcements, which do not appear in all copies. Leaves [4-5, 18] replaced in photocopy. 28 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Worming. Marginal tears and open tears to title page and other leaves, not affecting text, repaired in part with paper. Inscriptions. New binding.
Copy of Dr. Israel Mehlman. On endpaper preceding title page, comments handwritten by Mehlman, including: "Rare – the book was banned and many copies were burned…".

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