Antisemitic Beer Stein – Expulsion of Jews from Germany – Ca. Late 19th Century

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Antisemitic beer stein. [Product of Dümler und Breide, Germany, Höhr-Grenzhausen (Westerwald), ca. late 19th century].
Ceramic half-liter beer mug or "stein, " with a lid and handle ("Deckelhumpen"); colored glaze. Lid secured with circular pewter frame with small pewter handle for opening and closing.
The reliefs on the mug – representing pictorial antisemitic tropes – depict the expulsion of Jews from Germany and the establishment of a Jewish kingdom, worshiping riches and gold, in the Land of Israel.
Two pictures appear in the bottom part of the stein. One of them shows a procession of Jews carrying off bags of money while being expelled by a German holding a broom in his hand. In the second picture, the Jews are shown arriving on board a ship at the shores of their new land, where they dance around the Golden Calf and are welcomed in the tent of the money changer "Aron Gojimschächter" ("Aaron Gentile-Butcher"). The Jews, their dogs, the Golden Calf, even the land itself – all have hooked noses. In the upper part of the mug are five medallions with depictions of Jewish figures: "Mammon" (representing the Lord of the Jews, after a verse from the New Testament, "Ye cannot serve God and Mammon" [Matthew 6:24]), Nathan Gneyst, Cohn Schwindler, and Levy Beschores. All have hooked noses, and some wear crowns. Between these figures is a depiction of the Great Temple and the captions (in German) "Long live the Kosher Nation" and "Judah above the entire world."
A large medallion on top of the lid shows a Jew with a walking stick, carrying a bag of money, encircled by the caption "Der Jtzig nimmt den Stab zur Hand und raiset ins Gelobte Land" ["The Jew takes the staff in hand and travels to the Promised Land"].

Height: 22 cm. Diameter at base: 10 cm. Good condition. Minor stains and blemishes. Few scratches and small cracks. Glaze somewhat faded in few spots.

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