Auction 92 Part 1 Rare and Important Items

"נייעס פאללשטענדיגעס קאכבוך" – ספר הבישול הראשון ביידיש – וינה-בודפשט, 1854 – נדיר

Opening: $1,000
Estimate: $5,000 - $8,000
Sold for: $7,500
Including buyer's premium

"Nayes Follshtendiges Kokhbukh fir di Yidishe Kikhe" – World’s First Yiddish-Language Cookbook – Vienna-Budapest, 1854 – Rare Book
Nayes Follshtendiges Kokhbukh fir di Yidishe Kikhe [A New and Complete Cookbook for the Jewish Cuisine]. Budapest: M. E. Löwy (printed by Adalbert della Torre, Vienna), 1854. Yiddish.
This is a rare copy of the world's first Yiddish-language cookbook. The book was printed in Vienna in 1854, and for many years was known to exist only thanks to references to it in bibliographical listings and catalogues. Today, three copies are known to exist: one in the library of the University of Amsterdam, another in the Yale University library collection, and yet another in the collection of the Hungarian National Museum. The present copy represents the fourth known example.
The entire book is printed in a Hebrew typeface known as "Vaybertaytsh" – a semi-cursive script typeface characteristic of books intended for women (as opposed to the square Hebrew script found in sacred texts). The title page bears an illustration showing two women in the kitchen, cooking.
The book includes directions regarding the kashering of meat, setting aside challah, and observing both the laws of kashruth and the rules of hygiene. It provides recipes for kosher versions of high-class Hungarian and international dishes, such as young pigeon, Russian tea, and French soup. Some of the included recipes do not commonly appear in Jewish cookbooks.

[1], 77, [1] pp., approx. 18 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Minor blemishes. One leaf with full widthwise tear (both halves intact). Several handwritten notations and marks. Binding detached, spine missing. Detached leaves and gatherings. Strip of adhesive tape between title page and binding.

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