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Sifra D’Tzniuta Including the Interpretation of the Vilna Gaon – Handwritten Glosses

Sifra D’Tzniuta including the interpretation of the Vilna Gaon. Vilna and Horadna (1820). First edition of the explanation of the Vilna Gaon, with an introduction by his disciple Rabbi Chaim of Voloz’in as well as an introduction by the Vilna Gaonndson of the Vilna Gaon.
Ownership signatures upon title page: “Refael David Tabli Ha’Levi” [from Jerusalem]. Signed ownership inscription of “Rabbi Aryeh son of Rabbi Ze'ev” who purchased the book. Signatures of Rabbi Eliyahu Aharon Cahana [among the founders of the public library of Jerusalem and establisher of the Achva Bureau in Jaffa] who inherited the book from his father Rabbi Chaim Moshe Aryeh Leib Cahana from Kalveri [who was closely associated with the Maharil Diskin and among the establishers of the Me’ah She’arim Yeshiva – see attached material related to him].
Many Kabbalistic glosses throughout the book, one of which is signed Aryeh Leib – in handwriting similar to the signature of Aryeh son of Rabbi Ze'ev which appears upon the title page.
[6], 59, [3] leaves. 21.5cm. Wide margins, some of the comments are cut off. Fair condition, moth holes and stains. Missing binding, some of the pages are detached.
The order of endorsements is compatible with the Variant copy which is mentioned in the Bibliography Institute CD, record no. 0177999, which was printed with exceptionally wide margins.