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Letter of Wedding Congratulations and Blessings for Nachat, from Rebbe Chaim Hager of Kosov (the Second)

Letter of wedding congratulations and blessings for nachat (gratification), handwritten, signed and stamped by Rebbe Chaim Hager Rabbi of Kosov (Kosiv), addressed to R. David Sperber Rabbi of Brașov. [Kosov, ca. 1931].
In his letter, the rebbe blesses: "I hereby extend my congratulations for the wedding of his exceptional son R. Shmuel [Dr. Shmuel Sperber of London, father of Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber], may the wedding take place at an auspicious time, with an abundance of gratification; may the marriage be successful and everlasting, and may he merit to see blessed descendants from them".
Rebbe Chaim Hager Rabbi of Kosov (1900?-1942, Encyclopedia L'Chassidut, I, pp. 539-540; Meorei Galicia, II, pp. 34-36), son of Rebbe Moshe of Kosov – author of Leket Ani and Ezor HaEmunah. He was rabbinically ordained by R. Avraham Menachem Steinberg Rabbi of Brody – author of Machazeh Avraham. Following his father's passing in 1925, he was appointed rebbe and rabbi of Kosov. He served as rebbe to thousands of Chassidim, the most prominent of them being R. David Sperber Rabbi of Brașov (recipient of this letter). In 1935, he visited Eretz Israel together with R. David Sperber. He authored three books on Halacha and Aggada, yet he did not have the opportunity to publish them. He perished in the Holocaust.
The recipient of the letter, R. David Sperber (1877-1962), was a leading Galician and Romanian rabbi (see below).
[1] leaf. 22 cm. Good condition. Open tear to bottom-right corner, not affecting text. Stains. Minor worming. Fold lines.

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Rabbi Sperber (1877-1962), leading Galician and Romanian rabbi. Born in Zablotov to a family of Kosov-Vizhnitz Chassidim, he was a disciple of R. Meir Arik. He also studied under Rebbe Moshe Hager of Kosov, author of Ezor HaEmunah, and arranged the latter's writings for print. He frequented the courts of the Chakal Yitzchak of Spinka and the Ahavat Yisrael of Vizhnitz. From 1908, he served as dayan and posek in Polien Riskeve (Poienile de sub Munte), and from 1922, as rabbi of Braşov (Kronstadt). He authored Afarkasta D'Anya, Michtam LeDavid, Tehillah LeDavid and other books. He was renowned for the permissions he issued to agunot following the Holocaust. In the winter of 1950, he immigrated to Eretz Israel, where he became known as "the rabbi of Braşov", and served as a leader of the Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah and Chinuch HaAtzma'i. His grandson is Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber.