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Siddur Ha'Ari Kol Ya'akov - Signature of the Kabbalist Rabbi Hillel Moshe Meshil Gelbstein

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Siddur Nusach HaAri Kol Ya'akov, by the Kabbalist Rabbi Ya'akov Kapil Lifshitz the disciple of the Ba'al Shem Tov. Part 1, for daily prayers. Part 2, for Shabbat and festivals. Lemberg, 1859.
Siddur with explanations and the meaning of prayers, laws and kabbalistic customs. Approbations by Rabbi Asher Zvi of Ostroh who writes: "I have heard that this siddur was seen by the great and holy … Ba'al Shem Tov and found favor in his eyes". [The siddur was compiled by the kabbalist Rabbi Ya'akov Kapil Lifshitz of Mezritch who also wrote the book Sha'ar Gan Eden which was also highly praised by the Ba'al Shem Tov as written on its title page].
Signature in the characteristic handwriting [square] of the kabbalist Rabbi "Hillel Moshe Meshil'.
The kabbalist Rabbi Hillel Moshe Gelbstein (1832-1907), was a disciple of the Saraph of Kotzk and of the Lubavitcher Rebbe author of Tzemach Tzedek. He ascended to Jerusalem in 1868 after the death of his teachers, the Kotzker Rebbe, the Ger Rebbe author of Chidushei HaRim and the Tzemach Tzedek. From the time of his arrival in Jerusalem, he studied at length the laws of the temple (Bet HaMikdash) and in his interesting books he rouses his readers to fulfill the mitzvah of guarding the place of the temple. He hired "sentinels" as the temple's guards of honor and would light many candles in G-d's honor at the Western Wall. He also renewed the kindling of the Ner-Tamid at the tomb of Shimon HaTsaddik. His books, Mishkanot Le'Abir Ya'akov (printed one volume at a time from 1870-1906) contain a mix of novellae on Tractate Tamid, matters of guarding the temple and kabbalistic homilies. He was famous as a miracle-worker and in his books he attests to salvation and miracles which transpired at the Western Wall and at the tomb of Shimon HaTsaddik.
[1], 5-12, 9-16, [9], 17, [6], 25-62, [155] leaves. (Approximately 8 leaves are missing in the middle of the book. Originally: [1], 5-12, 9-16, [17], 17, [6], 25-82, [155] leaves. 21.5 cm. Varying condition, good-fair. Tears and worm damages, with damage to text. Many stains of usage. Ancient semi-leather binding from Jerusalem (with mistaken embossment).
Chassidism – Manuscripts and Glosses, Signatures and Dedications
Chassidism – Manuscripts and Glosses, Signatures and Dedications