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Manuscript by Shaul Tchernichovsky – "Out of a Jewish Doctor's Curriculum Vitae"

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"Out of a Jewish Doctor's Curriculum Vitae". Passages from Shaul Tchernichovsky's Curriculum Vitae, in his handwriting. [early 1940s].
Tchernichovsky's curriculum vitae refers to the years 1917-1919, a period during which he served as a physician in WW I, and later to his work in the clinic which he opened in St. Petersburg.
In his writings he depicts his hardships until his move to Odessa in 1919. The composition ends with the following lines: "Behind the screen they disclosed that when they mentioned the candidate's name the other party asked: who? Ah, the one who writes poems! – tell them, my friend that I got my degree not for my sonnets, and my decorations are for hard work and risks I had to take as a physician and not for the idylls. For three weeks we waited in Karatas until the boat sailed to Odessa. This time, again, I did not get a position in a Jewish hospital".
On the last page appears a comment handwritten by Tchernichovsky – "please copy on a typewriter as soon as possible…” and the address of the periodical to where the curriculum vitae were sent, “The Hebrew Monthly Bitzaron”, which was published in New-York in the 1940s.
Shaul Tchernichovsky (1875-1943) – physician, poet and translator; one of the greatest Jewish poets. Tchernichovsky studied medicine in the University of Heidelberg in 1899-1906 and completed his studies in Lausanne, Switzerland. During all of his life he combined his work as a doctor with his work as a poet. After he graduated from medical school he worked as a physician in Ukraine – in Kharkov and in Kiev. In 1910 he moved to St. Petersburg and opened a clinic. In 1919 he moved to Odessa. Immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1931 and settled there. Tchernichovsky is buried in “Trumpeldor” cemetery, Tel-Aviv.
[11] lined leaves, 20.5 cm. Good condition. Minor tears on left margins. Minor spots.
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