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Lot 55

Manuscript of the Steipler – Preparatory Drafts of his Book Kehillot Yaakov Part VII

Manuscript, novellae on Tractate Shabbat, handwritten by R. Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky. Chapters written in preparation for publishing Kehillot Yaakov Part VII, printed in Jerusalem, 1951.
The Kehillot Yaakov series was first published in ten parts in 1936-1956 and consisted of chapters containing treatises on various topics. Part VII was primarily dedicated to topics relating to Tractate Shabbat. The author later organized his writings according to the order of the Talmud, and these chapters were reprinted in books on various tractates, with many changes. The Steipler would toil extensively over editing and correcting his books. He added to and enhanced his writings over and over again, editing the contents and wording, leaving not one sentence or topic unclear. These leaves are the author's original manuscript, with deletions and additions. The manuscript begins in the middle of chapter 24 and ends in the middle of chapter 31 of the book.
In chapter 27 (p. 115 of this manuscript), the author writes: "My dear son R. Chaim enlightened me a little on this commentary" (it must be noted that at the time this was written, R. Chaim Kanievsky was still an adolescent, yet his father held him in such high regard that he referred to him with titles of honor used for noted Torah scholars).
Pages 103-136 (17 leaves, 34 written pages). Fair-good condition. Marginal damage (repaired). Stains and wear. Elaborate leather binding.