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Lot 211

She'erit Ha-Pleita in Germany – Four Books

1. Booklet Kitvei Kodesh, including holy letters by the Admorim of Slonim. Germany, 1940.
2. Chochmat Adam and Binat Adam, laws of Yoreh Deah. By Rabbi Avraham Danzig. On the other side of the title page, a page of yizkor (memorial) for those who died in the holocaust, signed by the printer "the publisher Shmuel Zalman Plott here Bergen Belsen."
3. Fartrag Iber Family Purity, Rabbi Avraham Duber Kahana-Shapira. Publisher "Mercaz B'not Agudat Yisrael V'Beit Ya'akov" in Germany, 1940's.
4. Egle Tal by the Admor of Sochotshov, Rabbi Avraham Bornstein. Germany, 1949. On the second side of the title leaf: "printed in Germany… by the Rabbis' efforts… in memory of the souls of their relatives that were killed and burned in the sanctification of Hashem's name."
Total of 4 books, varied sizes and conditions.