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Levush - Venice, 1620 - Complete Set - Signatures of Rabbi Shlomo of Dubno - Glosses From Several Writers

Sefer HaLevushim by R. Mordechai Yoffe. Four parts: Levush Techelet and Levush HaChur - on Orach Chaim; Levush Ateret Zahav - on Yoreh Deah; Levush Habutz veHaArgaman - on Even HaEzer; Levush Ir Shushan - on Choshen Mishpat. Venice: Bragadini in the printing house of Giovanni Cajon, 1620.
On each of the four title pages is the signature of R. "Shlomo of Dubno" (in square script). Ownership inscriptions from 1772 of R. "Yehuda Leib" son of R. Chaim, who bought the books from "R. Yehuda Leib of Gologa (Glogow)".
Many pages throughout both volumes contain glosses, corrections and notations, mostly short, by several different authors, in Ashkenazic script [19th century]. Several of the later glosses are signed: "A.H.C.".
At the beginning of section Orach Chaim is an introduction by the proofreader, R. Yehuda Aryeh of Modena. Approbations from eight Venetian rabbis, R. Yehuda Aryeh of Modena and others, are found at the end of section Even HaEzer.
R. Shlomo of Dubno (1739-1813), disciple of R. Shlomo of Chelm, author of Mirkevet HaMishne, published many books, both his own and books written by others. He was famous for his knowledge of the wisdom of scriptures, mesorah and Hebrew grammar. During the time he stayed in Vilna, the Vilna Gaon asked him to investigate the masoret of Nevi'im and Ketuvim (petuchot, setumot chaserot and yeterot) - see testimony of R. Pesach Pinfer of Vilna (in his article in Beit Va'ad LaChachamim, 1902 and in his book Masoret HaTorah V'Hanevi'im, Vilna 1906). He was one of the editors of the "Biur" on Bereshit by Moshe Mendelssohn, but eventually left him and published Chumashim on his own. He received approbations for publishing these Chumashim from the leading Torah scholars of his times (R. Shmuel Rabbi of Vilna; R. Chaim of Volozhin, R. Zelmele of Volozhin, disciples of the Vilna Gaon; Torah leaders of Vilna, Shklov and Slotzk, the kloiz (small study hall) in Brody; rabbis of Lviv, Berlin, Frankfurt and others).
Two volumes. 201 [2]; 148, [2] leaves, 87; 162, [2] leaves. 35 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear. Stains and damage to the title page of the first volume. Detached title page. First volume has non-original binding, partly detached and repaired with adhesive tape. Volume II has original leather binding; front cover detached. Damaged bindings.