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Manuscript by Yitzhak Ha-Levi of Lemgo, and a Manuscript of his Disciple Rabbi Avraham Prinz – Amsterdam, 18th Century – Novellae, Homiletics, Letters, Lists and Memoirs – Contains Important Historical Material Regarding the History of the Ashkenazi Commu

The volume contains three manuscripts: • Manuscript of novella and homiletics in the autographic writing of Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevi of Lemgo, author of Toldot Yitzchak. • Manuscript of novella, homiletics and Milah Notebook in the handwriting of his disciple Rabbi Avraham Prinz of Amsterdam. • Copies of letters and documents of those times, including letters to the Pekidim and Amarcalim (officials and administers in Amsterdam), etc. The manuscripts were apparently bound in the beginning of the 18th century. Written on the binding: "Zera Yitzchak – Toldot Avraham". The volume contains very valuable Torah and historical material from Torah scholars and public leaders of Amsterdam in the 18th century. Below is a general outline of its contents: