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Assorted Collection of Rabbinic Letters – Jerusalem, Safed and Tiberias – 19th-20th Centuries

Assorted collection of rabbinic letters. Jerusalem, Jaffa, Petach Tikva, Tiberias and Safed, 19th-20th centuries.
The collection includes letters from:
• R. Avraham Tzvi HaLevi Rabbi of Tiberias, 1862; • R. Refael Zilberman Rabbi of Safed, (1890); • R. Moshe Kliers Rabbi of Tiberias, to R. Chaim Berlin. Tiberias, (1910); • R. Yisrael Dov Frumkin, Jerusalem, (1898); Declaration from the Edah HaCharedit, completed in the handwriting and with the signature of R. Zelig Reuven Bengis. Jerusalem, 1950; • And other rabbis (see Hebrew description).

Over 20 letters. Size and condition vary. Most in good condition.