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Lot 306

Collection of Chumashim shel Ne'arim Booklets – Klausenburg, 1926

Collection of Chumashim shel Ne'arim booklets – Torah portion with Onkelos, Rashi and Haftarot. Klausenburg (Cluj): Weinstein & Friedmann, 1926. 41 of 54 booklets.
Booklets with the Torah portion, intended for youth – one Torah portion per booklet.
Stamp on some booklets of the Medias, Samuel Löwy bookstore.
These booklets are rare today. The present collection comprises almost the entire series – 41 booklets of the 54 printed (see Hebrew description for list of Parashiot included in the collection).
Lacking Parashiot: Bereshit, Lech Lecha, Vayera, Chayei Sara, Toldot, Shemot, Terumah, Vayikra, Tzav, Tazria, Bamidbar, Devarim and VeZot HaBerachah.

41 booklets. Approx. 22 cm. Overall good-fair condition. The booklets were not thoroughly examined, and are being sold as is.
Vaera, Yitro, Pinchas and Matot are lacking in the National Library.