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Collection of Books by Rebbe Aharon Roth the Shomer Emunim – First Editions

Six books by R. Aharon (R. Aharele) Roth, the Shomer Emunim. Satmar and Jerusalem, 1933-1948. First editions.
1. Shulchan HaTahor. Satmar, [1933]. Handwritten glosses in the margins of some leaves [identified as the handwriting of R. David Sperber of Brașov].
2. Noam HaLevavot. Satmar, [1934].
3. Menachem Tzion. Satmar, [1935].
4. Shomer Emunim, Parts I and II. Jerusalem, [1942].
5. Mevakesh Emunah. Jerusalem, [1943].
6. Uvda D'Aharon. Jerusalem, [1948].

6 books. Size and condition vary. Overall good to fair condition. Signatures and stamps. New bindings.