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Ohel Yitzchak – Most of the Issues of the Torah Monthly Edited by Rabbi Yitzchak Klein (Later Head of the Satmar Beit Din) – Satmar, 1903-1914

Huge collection, comprising 92 issues of the Torah monthly Ohel Yitzchak, edited by R. Yitzchak Klein of Satmar. Satmar and the Maramureș region (Szaszfalu and Seini), 1903-1914.
92 issues of the Ohel Yitzchak Torah monthly.
Stamps of the editor R. Yitzchak Klein; inscriptions of a student in the yeshiva of the Keren LeDavid in Satmar; subscriber labels.
The editor, R. Yitzchak Klein of Satmar (1861 – perished in the Holocaust), dayan and posek of the Status Quo community in Satmar, and later head of the Beit Din.

19 volumes (92 issues, including 7 bi-monthlies). Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. Signatures, stamps and inscriptions. Mostly bound in new bindings.