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Tzror HaChaim (Selish) – Munkacs, 1876 – Inscriptions of Students of the Satmar Yeshiva in 1923-1925 – Including R. Fishel Feldman Grandson of Maharam Schick and R. Amram Grünwald of Ujhel

Tzror HaChaim, novellae on Talmudic topics and halachah, by R. Shmuel Shmelke Klein Rabbi of Khust and Selish (Vynohradiv). Munkacs: Pinchas Bleier, 1876. First edition.
Copy used by the students of the Satmar yeshiva and of other yeshivot in the Maramureș region, with many signatures, stamps and inscriptions on the title page and other leaves, by students attesting to having studied the book in 1923-1925. Inscriptions of R. Amram Grünwald of Ujhel, R. Efraim Fishel Feldman grandson of the Maharam Schick, and others.
Many stamps.
Brief gloss (trimmed) on p. 55.

[11], 2-94, [3] leaves. Approx. 33.5 cm. Good condition. Browning. Stains and wear. Minor marginal tears. Inscriptions. New binding.