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Cane of Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar – Given by His Attendant R. Yosel Ashkenazi

Cane used by Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar.
Wood; broken and incomplete silver handle (as mentioned in the enclosed letter, the silver handle was removed and made into a kiddush goblet).
Letter of authenticity signed by R. Leib Friedman enclosed: "Cane used by the rebbe of Satmar. The silver handle was removed and made into a kiddush goblet. I received the cane from the rebbe's attendant, R. Yosel Ashkenazi".
R. Efraim Yosef Dov son of R. Meshulam Shraga Feivish Ashkenazi (R. Yosel; 1911-2002), attendant and confidant of the rebbe of Satmar for close to sixty years, and his close assistant on all communal matters.

Length: 90 cm. Good condition. Abrasions to paint. Wear and small crack to foot of cane. Silver handle mostly lacking.

The Holiness of Items of Tzaddikim - In the Teachings of Rebbe Yoel of Satmar

In his writings, Rebbe Yoel of Satmar repeatedly relates to the holiness contained in the possessions of a Tzaddik; and conversely to the prohibition of benefitting from the money of the wicked, warning not to accept funding from the Zionist state and the like.

In several places in his book Divrei Yoel on the Torah, the Rebbe describes the tremendous virtue of the belongings of the Tzaddik, which have the power to endow holiness for generations, since the "sparks of holiness" endure in them. Based on this concept, the Rebbe explains Yosef's influence on the Egyptians, who were sustained from his produce during the famine and drew from it "spiritual vibrancy": "…the property of Tzaddikim has the power to impart spiritual vibrancy…" (Divrei Yoel, Shemot, p. 33). Regarding the "aspect of holiness" contained in the belongings of Tzaddikim from "the root of their soul", he writes: "The possessions of Tzaddikim are precious to them… since they contain an aspect of the root of their soul… as they are particular not to steal…" (Divrei Yoel, Vayetze, p. 92).