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Prayer to be Recited at the Gravesite of the Yismach Moshe – Ujhel, 1910s – Based on the Text He Instituted for Praying at Gravesites of Tzadikim

Printed leaf, prayer to be recited at the gravesite of Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum Rabbi of Ujhel, the Yismach Moshe. Ujhel (Sátoraljaújhely): [ca. 1910s].
Prayer instituted by the Yismach Moshe to be recited at gravesites of Tzadikim (Sefer HaYahrzeit, Jerusalem 1975, p. 198); the prayer (with variations) is attributed to R. Moshe son of R. Mordechai Bassola.
The Yismach Moshe, Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum Rabbi of Ujhel (1759-1841), an illustrious Chassidic leader in Hungary and Galicia, and progenitor of the Sighet and Satmar Chassidic dynasties. He served as rabbi of Shinova, and later of Ujhel (Sátoraljaújhely) and the region. An outstanding Torah scholar, and holy wonder-worker, known for the amulets he distributed.

[1] leaf. 28.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks. Creases and wear. Tears and small holes to margins and folds.