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Revid HaZahav – Lviv, 1869 – Important Ownership, Rebbes of Głogów-Ropshitz – Signatures of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Rabin of Głogów – Stamps and Signatures of His Descendants

Revid HaZahav, Torah novellae and selections, by Rebbe Yisrael Dov Ber Gelernter of Yashnitza (Jasienica Rosielna), disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin and R. Naftali of Ropshitz, Part I. Lviv: Avraham Yitzchak Menkes, [1879]. First edition.
The book was passed down from generation to generation amongst rebbes of the Głogów-Ropshitz-Dombrowa dynasties. With signatures of Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Głogów, and stamps and signatures of his descendants, rebbes from the Rabin family.
On the title page and p. 49b, signatures of Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Głogów: "Menachem Mendel Rabin" (the signatures were compared to the photocopy of a letter signed by R. Menachem Mendel Rabin, rabbi of Głogów, published in the Nachalat Tzvi anthology [issue XII, pp. 120-122]). Signature on the final leaf and at the top of several pages: "Menachem", "Mendel" (presumably also in his handwriting).
On p. 49b, signature: "Meir Rabin of Dombrowa" (presumably Rebbe Meir Rubin [the first] of Dombrowa – see below). Signatures on several other leaves: "Meir", "Meir Rabin".
On the title page, signature of Rebbe Shalom Rabin of Reisha (Rzeszów), with his stamp: "Shalom Rabin, rabbi of Ruska Wieś by Rzeszów".
Stamps on the title page and other pages: "Book repairs by R. Shalom – Reisha".
Later stamps of R. Meir Rabin (the second) of Dombrowa, grandson of the brothers Rebbe Chaim Yechiel Rabin of Dombrowa and Rebbe Shalom of Reisha.
Rebbe Menachem Mendel Rabin (Rubin) of Głogów (1806-1873), grandson of R. Naftali of Ropshitz. Son of Rebbe Asher Yeshaya of Ropshitz and son-in-law of Rebbe Meir HaLevi of Apta, author of Or LaShamayim. Upon the passing of his father in 1845, he began serving as rebbe in Głogów. His Torah thoughts were published in Likutei R. Menachem Mendel at the end of the book Or Yesha of his father Rebbe Asher Yeshaya of Ropshitz.
His son Rebbe Meir Rabin (Rubin) of Dombrowa (Dąbrowa Tarnowska; 1829-1898), son-in-law of Rebbe Yosef Unger of Dombrowa. From 1877, he succeeded his father-in-law as rebbe of Dombrowa, settling in Reisha towards the end of his life.
Rebbe Meir's sons include: Rebbe Chaim Yechiel Rubin of Dombrowa (1854 – perished in the Holocaust), and Rebbe Shalom Rubin of Reisha (1857-1924) – whose signature and stamp appear in this book.
Rebbe Meir Rubin (the second) of Dombrowa (perished in the Holocaust), succeeded his grandfather as rebbe of Dombrowa. The stamps in this book indicate that he was the son of R. Menachem Mendel Rabin (Rubin) son of Chaim Yechiel Rubin of Dombrowa, and grandson of Rebbe Shalom of Reisha.
The author, Rebbe Yisrael Dov Ber of Yashnitza (1807-1867), disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin and close disciple of R. Naftali of Ropshitz. He was also a disciple of the Ateret Tzvi of Zidichov, R. Mendel of Rimanov and R. Shimon of Yaroslav (teachings are quoted in his name in Bnei Yissachar, essay 3, where he is referred to as "one of the colleagues, the kabbalist R. Yisrael Dov", and the Bnei Yissachar holds his teachings in high regard).

[4], 81 leaves (without leaves 82-86 with list of pre-subscribers). 24 cm. Fair condition. Stains, tears and wear. Open tears affecting text, with paper repairs, some old (perhaps by the aforementioned book repair firm in Reisha). Stamps and inscriptions. New leather binding.