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Moreh Nevuchim – Venice, 1551 – First Edition of Moreh Nevuchim Commentaries, Shem Tov and HaEfodi

Moreh Nevuchim by the Rambam, with the Shem Tov and HaEfodi commentaries. Venice: Alvise Bragadin, 1551. First edition of the commentaries.
The Rambam's great philosophical work, translated by R. Shmuel ibn Tibbon (the book was originally composed in Judeo-Arabic), first printed in Rome ca. 1470. The first edition of this work was one of the first Hebrew books to be printed. This is the second edition, including for the first time the famous commentaries to Moreh Nevuchim: Shem Tov – by R. Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov, and HaEfodi – by R. Yitzchak Profiat Duran. The table of contents by R. Yehuda al-Harizi printed here is different from the one printed in the first edition.
The title page features Bragadin's printer's device, comprising three crowns (see: A. Yaari, Diglei HaMadpisim HaIvriim, Jerusalem 1944, image 18 and p. 131). This book was brought to print by Meir son of Yaakov Parenzo, and his foreword appears on the verso of the title page (regarding R. Meir Parenzo, see: A.M. Habermann, The Parenzo Printers in Venice, Areshet, I, 1959, pp. 61-90). At the end of the book, afterword by the proofreader Moshe son of R. Zecharya Katz of Corfu, with poems in praise of the book.
Signature on the title page, deleted and indistinct: "Leib Crailsh---" (possibly R. Leib Crailsheim, a Pressburg community leader, whose signature appears on community regulations dated 1740 – see enclosed material).
Two glosses on the first leaf of the glossary.
Censorship deletions. Censorship inscriptions on verso of the final leaf.

[12], 185, [1] leaves. 29.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Many stains, including dark stains and dampstains. Worming, slightly affecting the text of several leaves. Tears, including open tears, to title page and other leaves, repaired with paper. New leather binding.