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Letter from R. Yehuda Leib Fein Rabbi of Slonim – Amsterdam, 1929

Lengthy letter (2 pages) handwritten and signed by R. Yehuda Leib Fein Rabbi of Slonim. Amsterdam, [Shevat] 1929.
R. Fein, who had travelled to the Netherlands to try to rescue the Slonim yeshiva, writes despondently that he is in the third week of his trip, and has so far been unsuccessful. He describes the difficult situation of the yeshiva, whose students are falling ill from starvation.
R. Yehuda Leib Fein blesses the philanthropist in the merit of the yeshiva which has been operating for three hundred years.
R. Yehuda Leib Fein (1871-1941), leading Torah scholar in his times. A disciple of R. Itzele of Ponovezh. He served as rabbi in several cities, including Oshmiana and Slonim, and was a leader of Polish Jewry. He established a prominent yeshiva in Oshmiana, and later served as director of the Slonim yeshiva, which he undertook to finance.
[1] double leaf (2 written pages, approx. 30 autograph lines). 16 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Minor wear and tears. Creases and folding marks.

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