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Lot 216

Letter from R. Shmuel Heller and R. Refael Silberman, Rabbis of Safed – Safed, 1880

Letter signed by the rabbis of Safed, R. Shmuel Heller (two signatures) and R. Refael Silberman. Safed, Shevat 1880.
Letter handwritten by R. Refael Silberman, and signed by R. Shmuel Heller and R. Refael Silberman. With additional line handwritten and signed by R. Shmuel Heller at the foot of the letter.
The letter was sent to the trustees of Kollel Austria, and discusses the amount allocated to the Kollel from the funds received from Amsterdam.
R. Shmuel Heller (1786-1884), leading Torah scholar and physician, rabbi of Safed for sixty years.
R. Refael Silberman (1839-1918), head of the Safed Beit Din (and later rabbi of the Ashkenazi community in Safed for over forty years).
[1] leaf. Approx. 22X10 cm. Good condition. Uneven bottom edge (bottom of leaf torn off, beneath letter). Stains and folding marks. Stamp, serial number in pen.

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