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Lot 79

Ketzot HaChoshen, Both Parts, First Editions – Lviv, 1788-1796

Ketzot HaChoshen, on Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat, by R. Aryeh Leib HaKohen Heller. Part I – Lviv, Rebbetzin Yehudit Rosanes, [1788]; Part II – Lviv, printer not indicated, 1795. First edition. Two volumes.
With Kuntres HaSefekot by the brother of the author, R. Yehuda HaKohen (author of Terumat HaKeri), at the end of vol. I.
Ketzot HaChoshen is a classic work of scholarly Torah study, and for over two hundred years, has been considered the key guide for yeshiva in-depth Torah study throughout the world.
Ownership inscriptions. Gloss on p. 87a of part I.
Two volumes. Part I: [2], 129; 15 leaves. Part II: [2], 64, 67-111, [3] leaves. 32.5-33.5 cm. Vol. I in good-fair condition. Vol. II in good condition. Stains, including dampstains. Worming affecting text in vol. I. Minor open tears to title page of vol. I, not affecting text. Stamps. New bindings.

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