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Five Books of the Torah – Amsterdam, 1786-1787 – Six Small Volumes

Five Books of the Torah, with Onkelos and Rashi, with the Haftarot. Amsterdam: Yochanan Levi Rofe and his brother-in-law Baruch and brother Hertz, [1786-1787].
Six small volumes. Separate volume for each Chumash, with a sixth volume for the Haftarot. Divisional title page for each Chumash. This edition originally included the Five Megillot, yet they are not found in the present set.
6 volumes. Continuous foliation. Bereshit: [1], 123 leaves. Shemot: [1], 125-238 leaves. Vayikra: [1], 240-317 leaves. Bamidbar: [1], 319-418 leaves. Devarim: [1], 420-509 leaves. Haftarot: 46-98 leaves. Lacking leaves 1-45 of final sequence (Five Megillot). Approx. 13 cm. Fair condition. Stains, including dampstains. Lower margins trimmed with damage to text on many leaves. Bookplates, signatures and stamps. Old bindings, partially detached.

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