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Parchment Scroll – Farewell Letter for Rabbi Tzikinovski – Rio de Janeiro, 1950 – Signed by the Prominent Members of the Community

Parchment scroll – letter of good wishes and farewell for R. Mordechai Tzikinovski, on the occasion of his retirement from his position as rabbi of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and his immigration to Eretz Israel, signed by the prominent members of the community. Nissan 1950.
Manuscript on parchment. Square scribal script, followed by the signatures of dozens of community members, some of them signing on behalf of various Jewish institutions and organizations in the city. The signatories are headed by the leaders and prominent members of the community, including: R. Moshe son of R. Shneur Zalman Zingarevich, Yaakov Tzvi Geiger, Yaakov Schneidman, and others.
Also signed on the scroll is R. Eliyahu Meir Bloch dean of the Telshe yeshiva in Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.), who was presumably visiting Brazil at the time.
The scroll is placed in an ornamented cylindrical metal case, inscribed "Igeret Bracha".
R. Mordechai Tzikinovski (1899-1990), rabbi in Bessarabia, Brazil and Eretz Israel. He served as rabbi of Rio de Janeiro for 23 years, and upon immigrating to Eretz Israel, was appointed rabbi of the moshav Meron.
Parchment leaf, folded and rolled up as a scroll. Height: 79 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, creases and wear. Height of case: approx. 34 cm.
• Enclosed: a JNF Golden Book certificate in the name of R. Mordechai Tzikinovski.